Friday, August 27, 2010

Time for a break!

I just finished sewing around the elements in my IQA quilt.  For years I cooked for my husband, my kids, and anyone that was working for us on the farm.  At times it was rather demanding to cook a noon meal everyday for a lot of people.  When Marvin died, I continued to cook for everyone who works here.......(how many people get to eat a home cooked meal at not cost at their place of work?)  I really enjoyed it most of the time, but sometimes I really wished I didn't have to do it everyday.  When Mamie and Jason had children, they would come too and it was fun to cook for my grandchildren.  Of course, I cooked their favorites........pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, steak, green beans( we raise our own beef).  Several years ago my daughter(in law)(she's more of a daughter than an in law) started cooking lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  When she started home schooling last year, she started cooking three days a week and I was down to two days a week.  This summer Jason decided he wanted to go home to lunch, so now I try to get them to come for dinner at least 1 day a week and the rest of the time I cook(?) just for myself.......which usually means cereal and milk, egg sandwiches, baked potato, whatever is aging in the refrigerator, or a frozen entree(not my favorite)  I have recently started making myself pasta salads and dreamed up this recipe.  It makes a small amount, tastes good, is nutritious and is easy to make:

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  1. It is hard to cut down on cooking, I think that was the hardest thing when the kids moved out. Then for a while we were so busy I didn't cook, now that I am not working I am back cooking (sometimes too much once again). I love to cook, just not clean up and so do my children so when they come over to cook, they leave the clean up to me :( Oh well, small price to pay to have them come out and be back in my kitchen.