Tuesday, June 24, 2014

House and Quilting

Finally started moving into my house in mid April and I am so thankful to God who has blessed me beyond measure.  My house is beautiful and I can't think of anything I would change.  I have been working on quilts.  Rachel and I are collaborating on a quilt for the New Quilts for an Old Favorite Contest.  The block is 9 patch and we are in the "How do we quilt this?" stage.  Rachel is going to do the quilting.  We are also collaborating on a bed quilt and it has trapunto, raw edge applique, tiny piping.  hand applique........................just an lot of extras on it.  I need to hand applique on it and then send it on to Rachel to work on for awhile.  I am also working on a "Vegetable" quilt.  I have always wanted a vegetable quilt.  These two projects are UFO's and I have some more to finish upstairs.  My vegetable quilt is hand painted, hand dyed, commercial fabrics, raw edge applique and thread painting.  Of course it will be a wall quilt.  I am so excited to be quilting again!!!!!  Just a glimpse of my updated farmhouse..........I want to plant old fashion flowers around it!  Need to work on grass this summer and prepare beds for next year.

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