Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jason and Mamie asked me to go to the river with them

yesterday.  I have been wanting to go and see Shea waterski.  She learned this summer and she got right up and skied for several miles.  She finally got tired and let go of the rope.

We had a great time...................we buried Laine in the sand and  gave him a "bosom" and all had a laugh.  Dallas played in the sand with his dump truck.  Beau ate sand and rocks.  We all swam and splashed water on one another, grazed on snacks the boys and I picked up on the way to the river,  ate wonderful barbequed chicken that Jason prepared on the sandbar,  and just had a wonderful time.  I am so lucky they ask me to be a part of their fun times. 

I have been struggling with my Jacob quilt.  I am on my third piece of fabric.  I am finally beginning to understand how to work with Tsukineko Inks.  I am not giving up.  I have a pretty good head and hand of Jacob and I ran out of an ink I need  for the flesh color.  Every quilt is a learning experience.

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