Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Rachel asked me to put Garrett down for a nap.....................

I was so happy, and tired, and thankful.  It has been a rough week for me this week.  The men have been going to work very early this week.  I'm not compaining, because I am so thankful they have been working hard to get our crops in, but Monday, very early in the morning .........................4:30 to be exactly,  I was awakened by the sound of my lawn mower.  My house is next to the machine sheds and shop, so anyone who starts up machinery wakes me up.  Stewart woke up early and decided to mow along our lane.  It looks very nice and I am so glad he does that because I don't have to do it if he does.  But...........................it woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up.  Tuesday morning Stewart was up early again and this time he started up the tractor and drove past my house with the field cultivator......................4:00am this time. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up.   Last night I went to bed exhaused and was hoping I could sleep until 6, my usual wake up time.   Wrong!  At 1 am my phone jarred me out of a deep sleep.  I was so sleepy I didn't even feel alarmed about such a late call.  It was Jason.  He wanted me to know that he was coming over to get the planter because he thought it was going to rain.  The men are usually very cautious about coming over during the night because I always check out suspicious sounds or vehicles that drive down my lane at night.  I have been known to take my gun along.   Anyway, I was finally able to get back to sleep, turning my alarm off so I could sleep in after all the interrupted sleep.  At 5:30 my cell phone rang.  It was Rachel, and could I come and watch Jillian today because she had a high fever during the night?

So now you know why I was glad she asked me to put Garrett to bed.  You can lay Jillian down and she will go right to sleep without a fuss........................not so Garrett.  I lay down in his bed with him and read him 4 books.  Rachel has told me that if I pretend to be asleep, Garrett will finally settle do and take his nap.  It was not going to be difficult to "pretend" to go to sleep.  I closed my eyes and hoped he would settle down.  He tossed and turned, and tossed and turned and then he began to play with my hair............and then my ears................and when he put his long skinny finger up my nose I thought it was time to turn over and put my face away from him.  He tossed and turned and soon he had his head to my feet.  Have you ever had someone burrow into your backside?  I pretended to shift my weight away from him in my sleep..  Soon he was poking me in the bu.............double T.  I turned over and lay on him.  He yelped and moved to the foot of the bed.  He was really bored.  He didn't want to take a nap.  He began to rub his feet on the back of my legs.  He began to whisper to himself.  I couldn't make out what he was saying.  He stopped rubbing my legs and began to beat the bed with his heels and suddenly,  he was very still.............................strangely still.  As I began to doze off to sleep, I could hear the deep rythmic sound of his breathing.  Believe me, you haven't slept until you've "slept" with a grandchild.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly they can fall asleep? I love to cuddle with the grandkids until they fall asleep. One of these days, they aren't going to want us to do that. :(