Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Same old story...............................

busy, busy, busy.  Mom came Sunday evening and I helped her put borders on the Log Cabin Star quilt we made last year together.  We also put borders on the backings of the star quilts we made this year.  Yesterday we went to town, had lunch, and then I dropped Mom off at JoAnn's so she could look for backing fabric for her Log Cabin Star quilt while I went to my guild board meeting.  Afterwards we went to the show.  I wanted to see "The Grace", but times were not convenient, so we went to see Rango..............it was funny and it was good to sit and laugh at a very funny movie.  We grabbed some groceries and then came home to work on our backings.  Mom finished her's last night and I got up early this morning and had it done by 8:30.  We took three quilts to Jan for her to longarm quilt and when we got back, Mom went home.  Now you know why I haven't blogged!

Mom's Log Cabin Star

Jason saddled up Trigger this morning to get in a cow that was having trouble having a calf.  They pulled the calf and the momma and baby are doing fine.  When you raise cattle you have to be an obstetrician at times.

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