Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ghost went home.

Remember the beautiful dog, Ghost, who showed up at our place a few weeks ago?  I latched onto him and I thought he latched onto me, but he went home about a week ago.  He belongs to another farmer in our community and he was so generous.  He told Jason I could keep Ghost if I wanted him, but I decided that I would let him go if he wanted to go.  I still see Ghost when I pass by on the way to Jason and Mamie's and I think he remembers me.  Anyway...........................I have been looking at dogs on the internet.  I probably should have a big dog like Ghost, but those pictures of baby Pomeranians make me ooooooooh and aaaaaaah.  I said I would never have another house dog, but I really miss having a dog. 
Look at this and see if YOU can resist this:


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