Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow! have I been busy!

It just  seems that I get busier and busier........................therefore, not much blogging.  Monday I went to my scalloped edge workshop and my guild meeting.  I didn't leave the meeting until about 3:30.  I didn't realize it was that late, because the presentation on Amish quilts was so interesting. 

Tuesday I cooked all day.  I decided that I wanted to help Mamie and Rachel more.  Mamie is home schooling their kids and  Rachel is teaching at a preschool five days a week..  I made 2 TexMex Chicken and Rice Cassaroles, 2 Beef Stuffed Pasta Shells dishes with my homemade Marinara Sauce, a large pot of vegetable beef soup, and cut up and buttered 2 loaves of French Bread for them to put in their freezers.  I kept a small dish of each to put in my freezer for me..................cooking for yourself is no fun.

 On Wednesday I went to Rachel's to give Jilli a day at home.  We had a great time.  She wanted to swing, so we went to the park and she played on all the great fun equipment.  I also washed all of Rachel's dishes, we   met Mom at Subway for dinner, made a batch of rolls and some Pigs In the Blanket.  I also made mashed potatoes and green beans to go with Pigs for supper.  I froze 2 pans of rolls for Rachel and cut up and fried a huge round steak so she could use it for fajitas.  Garrett helped me with the rolls when he got home.  He had a great time with his rolls. He told me  to take them home and leave them outside for the coyotes to eat.  Funny

 Today I sat down and registered for the AQS Show at Paducah.  Mom and I will be going to a trunk show on 30's quilts, a lecture on an easy method for making NY Beauty blocks, and will be learning to make mitered squares and corners.   I am taking a workshop on drawing feathers.  We will be going to the Awards Ceremony, the National Quilt Museum..........................and of course, the quilt show.  I can hardly wait.  It is always so much fun.   Yes, we will also make ourselves go to Hancocks to shop for fabric.  If you haven't registered for the show and all the the wonderful happenings of quilt week......................do so, and soon, before classes fill up.

Jason also came in and we figured out how much fertilizer we are going to need this spring.  At noon I went to our community club dinner.  It is always great to share a meal with my neighbors.  Mamie was hostess and she made her wonderful Lasagna..............it is to die for!  I had to get some prescriptions filled, so I ran to Columbia, went to the books store for some R and R and then to Aldis for a few groceries.  I am finally home.   Hopefully tomorrow will be a day at home.    Maybe I can do some serious blogging tomorrow.

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  1. What a great and helpful mother you are! I am sure the kids appreciate the food and time saved with them not having to prepare it. Glad to hear you and your mother are going to the quilt show, should be a good time for you all. If you weren't busy, you would be bored and probably get into trouble so I am glad you are busy. Have a great day.