Friday, January 28, 2011

Mom came to see me Wednesday................

and we had a great time visiting and planning.  We usually try to make a quilt together every winter and we set a date!  Her birthday is February 11, so we are going to get together to make an easy star quilt on her birthday.  We had so much fun picking out the pattern and talking about what fabrics from our stash would be good to use for it.  It is an easy pattern with big pieces, so it should not take very long to put together.  I am really looking forward spending that time with my mom and making an easy quilt-----------------but, of course, I will probably find some way to make it complicated.  You know me!

I hope you got out Wednesday morning to see the crystal encrusted beauty.  It was amazing and made me think of Dr. Zhivago and the country home they stayed in one winter and when the spring came, daffodils were everywhere.  It was so breathtaking that I never forgot it  If you've never seen Dr. Zhivago, you can rent it on DVD.  I am so old I saw it when it was in theaters.

Thursday was homeschool day.  Shea entertained us with a song............"rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey....."  She has been listening to her Daddy's music way too much.  Dallas rode his horse around her and shot his side arm while she sang.  Notice Shea's dress---it is her mother's, as are the shoes.  She is really getting big.  We got a lot done.  Shea and Laine both finished their quilts.  We will take them to the longarm quilter next week.  I also made Dallas a pair of flannel pants from Shea's fabric.  He liked them.  Jason and Mamie had gone to the show, so we fixed dinner.  I made mashed potatoes and Laine did the mashing.

I turned around and saw this.   Needless to day, I quickly unplugged the mixer chord from the outlet.  He is just like his Daddy.  He wanted to lick the mashed potatoes from the beaters.

Do you see the mound of mashed potatoes he put on his plate?  He must have really been hungry.

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  1. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the beaters so close to that tongue!! Glad you pulled the plug, Ouch! Such cute grandchildren and so talented. Need to post a picture of their quilts.
    Thanks for sharing