Monday, December 27, 2010

Such a Beautiful Day!

Even though it was cold today, the sun was shining brightly and the snow was melting off the roofs of the farm buildings.  We had frost on all the trees and I got this picture of a branch against one of our machine sheds.  Simply beautiful!

I hadn't turned on my sewing machine since I finished my little Amish Flying Geese quilt earlier this month, so when I sat down to do some sewing it was so nice..............I really miss sewing when I set it aside for awhile.  I put borders on this little quilt and made a backing for it.  Shea "made" this several years ago.  AGAIN...................I used some leftovers from my Joy quilt.  She took the leftover pieces that were already backed with wonder under and ironed them onto the pink background fabric.  She had a great time doing it....in fact, she worked on it numerous times to get it in it's present random pattern.  I'm ashamed I haven't finished it for her, but it has come in handy.  Dawn Heese will be giving a workshop at our Guild next Monday, teaching us how to make scalloped edges on quilts.  I think this would look nice with a scalloped edge.  I need to quilt it this week, so it will be ready for the workshop.  She will be excited to get it done. I am anxious to get started on it because I want to try a new machine quilting pattern.  I need to spread my wings and learn something new.

Shea's quilt

Closeup of Shea's design

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  1. I didn't get out to take any pictures, had two sick kids at my house but the view was lovely and I don't like cold but God painted a beautiful portrait on that day!