Saturday, December 18, 2010

My favorite thing to do!

Today my kids and grandkids are coming to dinner.  I just love to cook for them---especially the kiddos--they love to eat at Gammas.  I am not really going to a lot of work because the things they love to eat are just plain home cooking.  I did buy a Prime Rib at Sams and will just have  to put that in a low oven about one o'clock.  Mamie is bringing her super delicious, melt in your mouth rolls--Garrett especially loves them.  I will be making mashed potatoes and gravy---Laine's favorite--minus the gravy and Jillian's as well--and
Shea's favorite Corn Casserole.  Dallas loves everything.  I will roast some broccoli in the oven because the adults like that.  Rachel is bringing a bottle of wine and I will be using my new wine glass rings given to me by a dear friend.  I picked up a wonderful aged Gouda at Sams, will put out cream cheese with Jalapeno Jelly, sweet tiny pickles and crackers for the munchers.  For those with a sweet tooth, I am serving Laine's peanut butter fudge and Shea's Hershey's Cocoa Fudge---it did turn out rather nice!  I also picked up some candy from the Candy Factory in Columbia.  But the best part is having my family gather around my table. 
This is a place setting at my holiday table.

A closeup of the napkins I made several years ago.  They were so easy.  I need to make some more.  I just cut them out 1" larger all around than I wanted the finished napkin to be, chose a scallop stitch on my machine, put a stabilizer beneath the edge, stitched 1" from the edge and then carefully trimmed the excess away......I told you it was easy.

The snowmen plates were given to me by Rachel and Mamie for Christmas many years ago.  I just love them!

Christmas wine glass markers.......thanks, Becky!

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  1. Hi Marilyn !!

    Your Christmas Dinner table is absolutely beautiful !! Enjoy your dinner with your family. You have such wonderful family.
    Of course, I'm partial to Shea. ;)

    Merry Christmas !!
    Patti Griffith