Monday, December 20, 2010

The best buy I made all year!

This knife has changed my life.  I love to cook----everyone knows I love to cook.  I have never had a really good knife, so I did some research and found this knife and it is amazing.  I use it everyday.  It is a Zwilling JA Henkles Twin Cuisine 7" Hollow Edge Santoku knife and it is wonderful for chopping vegetables----I even use it to slice meat, bread, cheese.  I have a simple hand held knife sharpener and I give my knife  a couple of swipes on both sides and it is the sharpest, best knife I have ever had.  So------MEN----------if you don't know what to get your wife for Christmas, I can almost guarantee you that this will make her eyes light up if she loves to cook.  They are not cheap, but I have found that I need just a few knives because this one is such a multipurpose knife  (the only other knives I have are paring knives and a bread knife) .  I found it on one of the CSN Stores, Cookware.com.  CSN Stores is a site of over 200 stores offering anything from a Santoku Knife, to a leather briefcase, to toys...........check it out!  Hopefully I will be doing a blog giveaway in the near future-----maybe it will be this knife!

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  1. The hubby said I can't have that because we would live in the emergency room, you see every time I get a sharp knife, I cut myself, never had to have stitches but came close a couple of times. It is lovely and I would love to say I had one but I am afraid of it in my hands.