Friday, September 10, 2010

Cereal can mean many things

I told you that many times I eat cereal for meals.  It's quick, easy, little cleanup, and I really like cereal.  But there are different
types of cereal meals:   Take this one for instance:  small banana(fiber), blueberries(antioxidants), and cereal(do you notice the box says "lowers cholesterol).  Never mind that this is a sweetened cereal..............the good outweighs the bad................besides it say "honey", not sugar on the front of the box.  This is a good Breakfast Cereal Meal!
     Then there is the  Cereal Meal for those of us who worry about our bone density and the prospect of spending our golden years at the orthopedic clinic.  Milk is good for you( Calcium, Vitamin D) and if milk is good for you, just think how good Heavy Whipping Cream must be!!!!!!!!!!!!  I call this my Lunch Cereal Meal.
     Furthermore, there is the Cereal Meal  that is good to eat for dinner because it is supplemented with that energy booster, sugar:  the Dinner Cereal Meal.
     My fourth Cereal Meal is called  "Dessert Cereal Meal"  This is good when you are happy, sad, sick, tired, frustrated, bored, mad, lonely, depressed, or when you get back from trying on swimsuits at the mall.  Marshmallows are mostly air, so it doesn't hurt to add a few to make you Dessert Cereal Meal extra special.

Oh, you might need an bigger bowl..................

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