Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miss Gladys

Just some background about this quilt. Miss Gladys is my daughter in law's grandmother.  She was a member of our community club, and a wonderfully sweet and kind lady.  I began this quilt at Hollis Chatelaine's workshop at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah in May.   It is dye painted from a photo in my sketchbook.  I love to draw portraits and this drawing really captured the essence of Miss Gladys.  I thought it turned out pretty well for the second dye painting I ever did.  On a lark, I decided to submit it to the Houston IQA Quilt Show and much to my amazement,  it was accepted into the show.  It is under the minature art catagory.  I did get the sleeve on and shipped it out yesterday.  My daughter in law, Mamie, said that her grandmother had never been to Houston.  Her image is on the way there and will be viewed by thousands of people.  How neat is that!  I think she would be pleased. 
     I'm having Shea's b-day dinner and all my grandchildren will be here.  I'm excited.  I hope I will get some sewing in today.  I am trying to finish hand quilting one of my flea market quilts.  I am almost done, just a bit more to do.  I am just quilting it in my lap, without a hoop, in the Baptist Fan quilting pattern.  This is my first hand quilting project. 
     My son, Jason, may start cutting silage.  Harvest season is almost upon us.  Crops look good.  God is good.

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