Monday, August 30, 2010

The Burns' are back in town

Joe, Rhonda, and Isaac Burns moved to Oklahoma last Spring and they were back here for the weekend and told us to join them for dinner last night.  It was great seeing them, especially Isaac. who is really growing and changing.  He is just so cute.  Rachel and Jillian met me at the interstate and we drove in together. Jason, Mamie, Laine, Shea, and Dallas came too.  We had a great time with old friends ( I watched Joey grow up).  We went to Chevy's and told the staff that Rachel had a birthday Saturday.....................she was so delighted with her birthday sombrero.  The little ones wanted to run around and it was quite wild.  Jilli did not want to sit in her chair, so I put her on my lap and gave her a fork.  She likes to feed herself, but I guess she wasn't hungry because she got to slinging my food around.  Pretty soon Jason asked me, "Do you know you have food in your hair?"  Needless to say, I put her down and let her run around.  Isaac was really good.  He wanted to run around too.  Dallas was wanting to be with his Mommy, Shea was sitting with her Daddy and Laine was devouring enchiladas.  It was fun.

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